VOCATION: Our Calling
October 30, 2014

“Vocation” is Latin for the word “.”

Every one of us has a .

The purpose of our vocation is to “ in Christ and our neighbor,” and by doing that, we are serving God.

We need to love our neighbor because Jesus Christ is “” in them (Luke 10:29; Matt. 25:37-40).


Jesus Christ is the Prophet, Priest and King. Similarly, each one of us have at least 3 vocations:

  1. (Gen. 2:15; Ex. 31:1-6 NIV; Ex. 36:2)

    The Latin word cultura is also linked to the word cultus which means “worship.”

    Work is .

  2. (Ps. 68:6 NIV; Acts 17:26)

  3. (Luke 22:19)

    Ekklesia in Greek means “to be called out.”


  1. We can’t our vocation.

  2. Our vocation is where we are, and what we are doing .

  3. We must live out our in our vocation.

  4. We should not our vocation.

  5. We should not of our vocation.

  6. We should not be from our vocation.

  7. We must in our vocation.



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